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Spa therapies and treatments in the Lake District

The term ‘Spa therapy’ is not always associated with aqua (water) therapy. It signifies a wide range of spa treatments in the Lake District. The term has been derived from a Latin word “Spargere’’ which means sprinkle or moisten.

Historically spa treatments were exclusively provided for royal families but presently the spa implies a place for massage and other treatments. Massage/spa therapies are mostly for relaxation and soothing the aches or body pains. Massage or spa therapists provide the perfect treatment after detailed discussion with the client.

Today, spas concentrate not just on health. They combine the benefits of leisure, relaxation and beauty. A true spa is something that offers long lasting health benefits using natural resources.

Modern spa therapies have been created keeping in mind our hectic lifestyles. Spa treatments can range from a simple chair massage in a departmental store to a full-day pampering at a luxury spa.

Classification of Spa

Urban Spa

An urban spa is commonly known as a Day spa. These spas are available at Windermere spa and beauty treatments> and Lake District hotels. They are the most basic and least expensive methods to experience spa.

Destination Spa

This is a place where you stay for a short period of time to improve your health using spa treatments. You will find these types of spas in exotic locations worldwide. It does not cover only the treatment but includes healthy diets, physical activities and complete knowledge on all aspects of health.

Hotel Spa

A hotel spa is one of the most common spas available in some Lake District hotels. The demands of these kinds of spas have increased rapidly. When you think of staying in a hotel, why not book a luxurious spa hotel?

Medical Spa

This spa focuses on some special treatments along with the regular spa treatments provided by a medical practitioner. These treatments may encompass Botox, Dermal fillers, laser, medical peels and many more medical treatments.

Thermal Spa

These spas are generally located in mountainous regions where there is an abundance of natural mineral waters. They are popular for healing and improving health through water along with offering a range of spa treatments.

Ayurveda Spa

As the name suggests, this spa specializes in Ayurveda treatments. Patients often visit these spas to prevent or heal diseases. These treatments are customized according to client’s needs. A dedicated professional will consult with you to try and ease the pain you are suffering from.

Cruise Ship Spa

These spas are found in luxurious cruise liners offering the same spa treatments such as mud wraps, spa float, seaweed thermal treatments and hydrotherapy.

Eco Spa

This spa can be easily distinguished from other spas due to its organic treatments and usage of environmentally- friendly material for building the spa.

If you are thinking of visiting the Lake District, why not book some spa or beauty treatments in Windermere?

Special offers

Design your own pamper package!

Design your own pamper package!

  • 60 Mins 2 Treatments £65 per person
  • 90 Mins 3 Treatments £80 per person
Holistic Treatments
  • Back & Neck Massage
  • Mini Facial
  • Cleansing Back Treatment
  • Luxury Hand & Arm Treatment
  • Luxury Leg & Foot Treatment
  • Hopi Ear Candle

Why not mix & match?

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